Discover Carriacou




If you’re traveling to Grenada, or have an interest in looking into the hidden gems of the Southern Caribbean, you should absolutely visit Carriacou. It is a great mixture of history as well as adventure. From the time you end your 90 minute ferry ride from Grenada, you’ll be greeted to a laid back and charming atmosphere that is rich with Scottish and African culture. But, once you start exploring, you’ll also find that this island, also known as the “Isle of Reefs” will satisfy the thirst of any diver looking to explore its beautiful turquoise waters. Whatever your desire is, you’re sure to find it here.


Where to stay in Carriacou?


Carriacou Green Roof Inn

There’s a variety of places to stay in Carriacou that are perfect to book for your next holiday in the Grenadines. These include private villas, inns and small hotels.

Dining in Carriacou


Dining in Carriacou Slipway Restaurant


One of the most fun things to do on a vacation is to explore the local cuisine. We would say that it can be just as much fun as planning your daily activities. Luckily, even though Carriacou is not a gigantic island, there are still plenty of options for a number of different culinary styles.

If you're in the mood for something formal, check out Slipway located near Tyrell Bay. Utilizing fresh ingredients bought from local farmers, you will be able to experience fine dining done right. But reservations are required. So call ahead.

Maybe you want something that is a little more laid back. La Playa would be your best bet. Here, you will find the best pizzas on the island, as well as a few fancier flares like the duck breast in orange sauce


Beaching it in Carriacou


Anse la roche beach carriacou


It's a given that when you visit the Caribbean, you're going to be looking for a beach. Any island will have a great number of them for you to choose from. Carriacou is no exception. You just have to determine what type of atmosphere you're in the mood for.

If you're looking for something private, then we recommend Anse la Roche beach. This is a hidden gem that is rarely visited due to its secluded location. It's about a 30-minute walk after you get off the bus on route 11. There trees about the beach, making it a breathtaking view. Also, the swimming and snorkeling conditions are perfect.

Maybe you're more into the whole touristy beach vibe. The you can stay in Hillsborough where the main beach is. You'll be close to the city as well as to the airport. It is here where you'll have access to the most bars and party locations. But it's a little pricier than most of the other island. So, save up before you visit.


Things to Do in Carriacou


Carriacou Diving and Snorkeling Holiday


As relaxing as it is to stay on a tropical island, you still need things to do that will break the monotony of just going to the beach. Don't worry. You're covered here. Carriacou is famous for diving and snorkeling. You will have plenty of places to choose from where you can dive to see everything from reefs to shipwrecks.

If you're wanting to stay a little more dry, then try renting a boat to go offshore fishing. You can spend the day trying to catch some of the best fish around. Afterwards, take it back and cook it up. Few things are better on an island than fresh seafood.

Overall, the Grenadine island of Carriacou is a quaint little place with a lot to offer. You can have a good island experience without having to deal with large crowds. So, be sure to book your trip to Carriacou today!