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Just 9 miles south of the main island of St Vincent, Bequia is the largest of the Grenadine islands at just 7 square miles and home to around 5,000 friendly islanders. Bequia’s history has been deeply entwined with the sea for generations and the age old traditions of boat building, fishing and whaling are still very much alive here. Take some time to explore the island, you’ll be surprised to find a number of places to explore.



Where to stay in Bequia?


Bequia Beach Hotel Grenadines

Bequia boasts a full range of accommodation options for all travelers arriving at its shores, and while there are no large chain hotels here, you’ll find small, family-run guest houses and apartments, family-friendly boutique hotels and beach front villas around the entire island. Many of these places have stunning sea and coastal views!

Dining in Bequia



Bequia has several charming restaurants and dining options. Reservations are recommended during high season, as well during low season when you’ll find some reastaurants are closed and seating can be limited. Several dining options here feature night time entertainment that’s always fun and relaxing. Electric and acoustic groups perform almost every week offering a mix of tastes and styles.

Beaching it in Bequia


Bequia Beach Hotel

Bequia is home to several, pristine beaches. Follow the Princess Margaret Trail which will connect you to the Belmont Walkway and you’ll find yourself at the popular Princess Margaret Beach. It’s almost always calm here with a glorious stretch of beach and sparkling azure water. Another favorite beach on Bequia is Lower Bay which features a long stretch of pure, white sand with crystal clear water. Swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing is excellent here. There are also beach chairs available for rent. On the south side of the island, you’ll find Friendship Bay, a sheltered, crescent shaped bay with a lot of shade. The Bequia Beach Hotel is also located here, so be sure to take advantage of the property’s amazing facilities.

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